Monday, July 11, 2011

A Reason Why

Strength, love, laughter, and joy.  These are the things that I see all around me.  

They are also the meanings of the names in our family:  My husband, Brian, his name means "strength".  His strength and dedication to his family amaze me everyday.  My name, Amy, means "loved" or "beloved".  As a wife and mom, I do my best to pour out my life and love onto my husband and children.  My son Isaac's name means "laughter".  Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of meeting him knows that he giggles consistently throughout the day.  Finally, my daughter Abigail's name means "joy".  She has been our joy since the day she was born, and her middle name is Joy too, a double blessing for sure.

We are the Osters and this is our story.  It is a story of strength, love, laughter, and joy.  We have had our trials, our painful circumstances, our ups and downs, but through it all we see God working in us and through us.  I hope this can bless you in some way as you read.

Some of the things I will share will be reflections of our past and how God has brought us to where we are now, some things will be things that God is teaching us in the midst of our current circumstance, but much of what you will see here will be how we live our life depending on God's strength and love so that we can see the laughter and joy in any situation.

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